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CMC News

CMC Southern Division Chooses Austin, TX for expansion

Clinical Management Consultants announces it's 4th regional division office to be located in Austin, TX! Read More...

March, 2020

CMC News

CMC opening 3rd office in Portland, OR

Portland Oregon will become the company’s 3rd branch location and will readily connect into the national CMC recruitment network. Led by a veteran CMC recruiter, this expansion effort is expected to come together quickly pacing for a November 2018 launch. Read More...

September, 2018

Interim Healthcare Management

How to Preserve Team Dynamics When Considering Internal Candidates by Using Interim Leadership

In a perfect world, succession planning goes smoothly and a carefully selected internal candidate can be groomed into an expected vacancy. However, best-laid plans can go awry from time to time, and even well prepared hospitals may find two valued employees pitted head-to-head for the Read More...

January, 2016

Healthcare Employment

The Emerging Role of the Clinical Nurse Leader

The emerging role of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) shows tremendous promise in redesigning the way health care is delivered to patients. The CNL is a role developed in 2003 by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Read More...

October, 2015