Nurse Director of Emergency Services

An exciting opportunity is now available for a Director of Emergency Services in the beautiful Bay Area!

The Director of Emergency Services will thrive by being surrounded by the ocean, entertainment options, unique restaurants, open spaces to hike, explore, and more. The Director of Emergency Services will gain balance between city life and escape in the open land around the medical center. Commuting to the medical center will be cost effective, quick, and hassle-free as public transportation is known for being optimal in this city. The Director of Emergency Services will find a community of friends regardless of their interests because the city has an abundance of entertainment options that bring people together.

This 350 bed medical facility is a part of an exception healthcare system that is known for paying well above average wages, implementing effective work-life balance policies, providing lucrative benefits packages, and ensuring employees are well taken care of. Being a part of this healthcare system is well-sought after. This healthcare system, position, and location, create a rare opportunity, and an opportunity that the Director of Emergency Services will thrive in. The medical facility has been awarded a wide variety of titles, awards, and accolades for the quality of care provided. Awards from US News, and a most recent award of Five Star Hospital was awarded to this medical facility. The Director of Emergency Services will be a part of an exceptional medical facility, cohort, and system.

The lively Director of Emergency Services will collaborate with other service line directors to implement innovative models and best practices, emphasize service improvements, reduce costs. These services created by the Director of Emergency Services will be created to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with emphasis on customer service. The Director of Emergency Services will use up to date research to implement clinical changes and the delivery of patient care and member services. Costs are to be reduced in any fashion possible while maintaining and improving quality of care as the qualified Director of Emergency Services is responsible for budgeting and resource allocations. The Director of Emergency Services will communicate and collaborate with the Critical Care Unit, Telemetry, and Medical Surgical units to ensure that quality patient care is being followed throughout the entire continuum.

This medical center is ready to offer a competitive offer and being onboarding, mentorship, and training soon! Apply today!