Skilled Nursing Administrator

A Community Hospital in eastern Oregon is looking for a strong Skilled Nursing Administrator. Join this great hospital in one of the most beautiful settings in Oregon.  

This exciting opportunity is a full service community hospital that has been providing outstanding service for their community for over 70 years. This community hospital has also been recognized for its comprehensive care programs: emergency services, respiratory therapy, laboratory services, general surgery, hospice and home health. This hospital has a strong reputation for its commitment to quality care and exceptional patient experience.  

The Skilled Nursing Administrator will be reporting to the Board of Directors. In this role the Skilled Nursing Administrator will be working closely with board members and the Care Center staff and will be responsible for the operations of the facility. 

The Skilled Nursing Administrator will be responsible for implementing all policies established by the Board of Directors; advises during the formation of such policies and reports on the implementation of such policies to the Board of Directors. The Skilled Nursing Administrator assists with preparing an annual budget showing the expected revenue and expenditures as required by the Board of Directors. The Skilled Nursing Administrator will ensure that the facility maintains accreditation, licensing and quality resident care through the establishment of quality/performance improvement monitoring program. 

The Skilled Nursing Administrator will have the opportunity to live in this beautiful and charming eastern Oregon town that is known for its untouched natural beauty . There are plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and sightseeing. There are also great restaurants and art galleries that you can visit. This eastern Oregon town has something to offer for everyone.

You will be offered competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefit package. In this role as a Skilled Nursing Administrator, you will be making a huge impact with plenty of opportunity to grow professionally