Senior Director Laboratory Services

In recent years, the field of medicine has advanced at an exhilarating rate across the United States allowing medical professionals to treat illnesses and diseases more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

In order to find the proper diagnoses for patients, medical professionals will often call for a variety of laboratory tests to help identify the root cause of patient symptoms. It is the job of the laboratory professionals within the hospital to return the tests as quickly as possible to help the medical professional overseeing the patient make an educated diagnosis.  

In order for the Laboratory department to work smoothly, there must be a knowledgeable laboratory professional with a strong understanding of the needs within the laboratory department as well as an understanding of what goes on in other areas of the hospital. 

There is currently an outstanding opportunity for a Senior Director of Laboratory Services within one of New York’s strongest health systems.

The Senior Director of Laboratory Services will be working for a large and financially stable non-profit medical center located just outside of New York City. The Medical Center is well known for providing excellent clinical care and was recently recognized by US News and World Report for being a high performer in Neurology/ Neurosurgery and has been recognized by numerous other agencies for their devotion to outstanding clinical treatment. 

The Senior Director of Laboratory Services will be responsible for providing strategic fiscal oversight of the department while also ensuring the laboratory team is working smoothly and efficiently.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced laboratory leader. Take advantage of this opportunity today as positions within this well-known medical center are highly sought after by medical professionals from across the country.

The Senior Director of Laboratory Services will be offered a highly competitive salary along with a full suite of benefits.