Radiologic Technologist

An outpatient-based practice is actively seeking a Radiologic Technologist to join their team. 

With state-of-the-art technology and a full-spectrum of services, this organization continues to rapidly grow. Outpatient Imaging Services offered include MRI (High Field Closed + Open), CT Scan, Digital X-Ray, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound, and Bone Densitometry. This health organization offers five outpatient imaging service locations located throughout the New York community.

The Radiologic Technologist will work at one of the state-of-the-art imaging centers located in the Bronx. Because this individual will work for an outpatient center, the Radiologic Technologist will work the Monday through Friday day-shift. Ideally, the Radiologic Technologist will have at least 1 year of Radiologic Technologist or MRI Technologist experience either working in an inpatient or outpatient setting, and hold their ARRT certification or equivalent. 

The Radiologic Technologist will interview patients to understand medical history and important information in relation to the exam being performed, document findings, and review patient history with previous surgeries to identify possible implants or metal in the body. Additionally, the Radiologic Technologist will assist with inventory control of supply items in the work area, establish a safe zone from the Magnet and utilize shielding/collimation to minimize patient radiation exposure. With prior Radiologic Technologist experience, the Radiologic Technologist will be knowledgeable on appropriate film markers, familiar with Radiation Safety Procedures and ALARA principles, and easily able to assist the Radiology manager with quality assurance. 

Being located in the greater New York area, the Radiologic Technologist will be surrounded by delicious food and endless opportunities. With a great work-life balance, the Outpatient MRI Technologist will enjoy shopping in downtown New York, visiting historic museums, dining at an array of restaurants, or biking at the local parks. The Outpatient MRI Technologist can easily take day trips around New York, to New Jersey, or Connecticut. 

Join a growing health organization as their Radiologic Technologist today. Work at a facility that is equipped with advanced technology, focused on providing exceptional patient care, and offers a competitive salary with a full suite of benefits.