Pulmonary Coordinator

A very exciting opportunity has just recently opened for a Pulmonary Coordinator in Southern Arizona. This is a very exciting opportunity for a Pulmonary Coordinator to grow within a trusted health system.

This medium sized, highly decorated, Joint Commission accredited hospital, is an great working environment for a Pulmonary Coordinator. The facility offers a wide range of services including orthopedics, inpatient rehabilitation, cardiology, minimally invasive surgery, gastroenterology, cardiopulmonary testing, imaging and diagnostics, emergency medicine, a Senior Behavioral Health Unit and an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, and more. The Respiratory Coordinator will be a highly valued member of the hospital.

Reporting to the Manager of CardioPulmonary, the Coordinator of Pulmonary will be supported by a highly educated team of respiratory therapists, technicians, and physicians. The Respiratory Coordinator will lead a tight knit unit that takes great pride in their high standard of work.

The Pulmonary Coordinator will supervise the day to day operations of the team, ensuring that all administrative, fiscal, motivational, and regulatory requirements are met. The Pulmonary Coordinator will have the responsibility of collaborating with other managerial figures, and rallying the staff under them. The Pulmonary Coordinator will act as an adhesive part of the team. 

This beautiful region of Southern Arizona has outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and even skiing not too far from the hospital. The Pulmonary Coordinator will be in the best part of the city, having access to high end golf courses, steakhouses, nightlife, and more. This region is a slice of heaven for the Respiratory Coordinator. This area also has the best public school systems in the district if you are one with family. People from all parts of the United States flock to this highly sought after area.

The Pulmonary Coordinator will be given a generous salary package with competitive benefits.