Perfusion Nurse Specialist

An award-winning facility is now hiring a Therapeutic Aphaeresis Nurse Specialist in sunny Southern California.


A busy, state of the art, acute care hospital is hiring a Therapeutic Aphaeresis Nurse Specialist for Donor and Therapeutic Apheresis for both adult and pediatric patients. The Therapeutic Aphaeresis Nurse Specialist is responsible for collecting blood products and cellular therapy while collaborating with patients and the interdisciplinary team while maintain clinical nursing standards.


The Therapeutic Aphaeresis Nurse Specialist will use products such as Optia Aphaeresis System, Trima Aphaeresis System for services such as plasma exchange, red blood cell exchange, leukodpletion, blood product and medication administration. The Therapeutic Aphaeresis Nurse Specialist will also perform cellular therapy and have excellent skills with central access venous devices and venipuncture.


This 300 plus bed acute care facility is internationally recognized as one of the top hospitals by US News and World Report. Since receiving magnet recognition, the staff at this facility participate in shared governance and collaboration between an interdisciplinary team that adheres to the highest national standards in patient safety and quality of care. The Therapeutic Aphaeresis Nurse Specialist will be supported by some of the most dedicated and driven healthcare professionals in the nation. This facility is one of the most trusted and offers a team with high retention and great morale.


Southern California is known for endless sunny days and beautiful beaches. This location provides residents with safe suburban living and plenty of activities and a healthy lifestyle collectively. Fresh produce, hiking trails, surfing, biking, and walking contribute to the high quality of life offered to residents. Other activities include museums and art galleries, golf courses, spas, zoo, tons of shopping, farmer’s markets, and laying by the beach.


The Therapeutic Aphaeresis Nurse Specialist offers competitive salary and benefits and is located in one of the most desirable places to live!