Nursing Director Ambulatory Surgical Center ASC

This well regarded and busy Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) is actively searching for a new Nursing Director to lead its tenured and dedicated staff. Join an outstanding Ambulatory Surgery Organization, and help lead a fantastic team.


The Clinical Director of Nursing will play a crucial role in the operations of this busy, Orthopaedics focused Ambulatory Surgery Center. Reporting to, and working alongside the ASC Administrator, the Nursing Director will lead the staff in clinical education initiatives, assist in the continued development of this already bustling business, and act as the central representative for all aspects of quality improvement and risk management. In addition to this, you’ll have numerous opportunities for continued clinical development, growing your skills along with the staff’s ability. 

The Director of Nursing will be well supported both in the Operating Room and out. Circulating and Scrubbing, you’ll have a well-tenured CNOR Surgical Charge Nurse. This nurse leader, along with a Certified Post-Anesthesia Nurse (CPAN) who oversees the 15 bed Recovery Unit will serve as your direct clinical support. Working in a limited ‘bedside’ role, the Clinical Surgery Director will appreciate opportunities to stay current with the best evidence-based care, and in having a direct hand in improving the quality of that care.

Administratively, your responsibilities will be a little more defined, but no less vital to the operations of the Ambulatory Surgery Center. In addition to the clinical education role described above, you’ll also spearhead staff credentialing and the implementation of engagement initiatives. Controlling inventory, resource scheduling, and maintenance scheduling will play important parts in the development and adherence to effective budgets, which you’ll co-develop with the ASC Administrator.

Performing over 5,500 procedures per year, this 5 suite Orthopedic ASC is always busy. Performing procedures that range from neck and shoulder, to hand, knee, and foot, this facility is outfitted to handle all manner of Orthopaedic case. The Nursing Director will play an important part in keeping the center moving forward as they oversee efficiency improvement initiatives to turn the Operating Rooms over faster, improve on-time starts, and increase patient satisfaction. 

The ASC Director of Nursing will quickly learn that Southern California, particularly the Los Angeles Area, has something wonderful for everyone. A short drive west will lead you to the warm, sunny beaches and surf of the Pacific. Waiting around every corner are fun weekend getaways like Disneyland and Wild Rivers. You’ll also be able to dine at some of America’s most famous restaurants, and you’ll find an entertainment industry that never ceases to amaze. In the LA Area, you’ll also find a large number of highly-regarded grade schools, high schools, and colleges, making education [and continuing education] easily accessible.

And now for one of the best parts of working in an Ambulatory Surgery Center: The Hours! Not many Nurse Directors can say they get nights and weekends off, but you’ll find the time you need to enjoy your competitive salary and generous benefits package.