Nurse Quality Manager

A very exciting opportunity has just arisen for a Nurse Quality Manager at a small, community hospital in Central Washington. This is a great chance for a Nurse Quality Manager to be a part of a tight-knit team.

This hospital is the main provider of care to the delicate populace. This facility has a wide range of services including radiology, laboratory, physical therapy, speech language pathology, swing bed, 24 hour emergency care and a highly qualified nursing staff. The Nurse Quality Manager will be the cornerstone of performance improvement for the hospital.

The Nurse Quality Manager will report directly to the Nursing Director and be supported by an extremely educated nursing staff. The nursing staff will assist the Nurse Quality Manager will ensure that day to day operations are completed with ease. The team supporting the Nurse Quality Manager will be assisted by staff RN-s, circulating nurses, and technicians.

The Nurse Quality Manager’s main responsibility will be to always ensure that quality improvements and quality standards are met in accordance with city, state, and federal regulations. This will include being in compliance with various governing entities the hospital enacts with.

This beautiful region of Central Washington is a slice of heaven on earth. Nestled in between a bevy of lakes, mountains, rolling green hills, the Nurse Quality Manager  will never have a dull moment. There are a ton of awesome activities such as fishing, skiing, hiking, biking and more that will be available to the Nurse Quality Manager. The Nurse Quality Manager will also have access to great dining, local activities, and museums that display the deep cultural history.

The Nurse Quality Manager will be compensated by a generous salary package and competitive benefits.