Nurse Informatics Specialist

A well respected healthcare organization in Northern California  is looking for an experienced Nurse Informatics Specialist to join their team of fantastic clinical medical professionals

This small community hospital is dedicated to providing the best possible patient centered care and using best quality evidence based practice. The entire team at this medical center is dedicated to creating a healing, welcoming work environment because they truly care about their community. The Nurse Informatics Specialist will join a system consisting of a medical center, several primary care clinics, a dental clinic and a skilled nursing facility.

The Nurse Informatics Specialist designs, develops, and delivers effective electronic medical record (EMR) and training on other technology solutions training to promote the successful adoption of applications across the Cancer Center.  The Nurse Informatics Specialist will work with a multidisciplinary team, and will report to the Chief Nursing Officer.

The Nurse Informatics Specialist  provides leadership, consultation, and direction for information technology that impacts clinical nursing information management from planning through evaluation. The Informatics Nurse Specialist an expert in the design and use of informatics solutions that support the vision and mission of the Medical Center

The Nurse Informatics Specialist and facilitates use of current and future clinical information systems and other Electronic initiatives. This role participates in planning, research, development, implementation and evaluation of clinical systems and services within the organization. The Nurse Informatics Specialist works through all phases of system development to effectively meet the best practice standards established for the use of an electronic health record and ensures that information systems are consistent with professional standards and evidenced-based practice.

Surrounded by beautiful hiking trails, a tight-knit community, and striking mountainous views, the Nurse Informatics Specialist will create a difference in a beautiful area. Affordable housing, family-friendly communities  make this a welcoming community for the Nurse Informatics Specialist and their family to live.

The Nurse Informatics Specialist will have the opportunity to work with a fabulous team of Healthcare Providers in service of providing top notch care to the community. For all this hard work, you will enjoy a competitive salary and a generous benefits package.