Nurse Anesthetist

An exceptional hospital system is actively searching for an autonomous Nurse Anesthetist to join their team and work at the top of their CRNA license in their busy operating rooms. The Nurse Anesthetist will be surrounded by a supportive team of highly educated and CNOR-credentialed nurses and tenured surgeons.

 The Nurse Anesthetist will be responsible for the following:


  • Predict patients' anesthesia responses and develop care plans.
  • Prepares equipment, monitors, supplies, fluids, drugs, blood products to administer anesthetics.
  • Provides appropriate airway management and fluid/ drug administration during emergency situations.
  • Understands how to and provides regional anesthetics when needed.
  • Cooperates and communicates well with surgeons to provide high quality care.

The Nurse Anesthetist will work autonomously; however, they will work as a part of a team to ensure the highest quality of care is being provided to patients at this small acute care hospital. The hospital’s main message is about being close and a family. The staff, providers, nurses, and community are all seen as family and partners at this hospital. The community surrounding this hospital relies on the care this hospital provides, so safety of anesthetic administration is imperative and the Nurse Anesthetists largest responsibility.

The healthcare facility is located in central Washington and is a neighbor to Seattle, but just on the other side of the beautiful Cascade Mountains. The Nurse Anesthetist will drive through green forests, nearby mountains, and see the seasons change as they travel from their home base to the cities surrounding them as they explore Washington. Located a couple hours from Portland, Oregon, the Nurse Anesthetist will experience culture, unique shops, excellent food, and more. As the Nurse Anesthetist explores their neighbor, Seattle, Pikes Place, the gum wall, and more are all waiting for the Nurse Anesthetist to visit and experience as a “Washingtonian”. 

This hospital system is ready to welcome their new team member, a Nurse Anesthetist. Apply today!