Neurosurgical Physician Assistant

An excellent Colorado short-term acute care medical center is actively recruiting for a Neurosurgical Physician Assistant to join their growing team of dedicated surgeons, nurses, providers, and staff.

This medical center provides for a cohesive community and theNeurosurgical Physician Assistant will do the same as they will be a part of this 100 bed medical center. As a part of this medical center the Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will have philanthropic-mindset and desire to improve the community. The trained Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will provide detailed patient services at the top of their license while being supported by the surgeons, the Operating Room Manager, Director, and more. The  Administrative Director of Clinic Operations will be the Neurosurgical Physician Assistants’ main point of contact to report and collaborate with. The medical center encourages collaboration, asking questions, and professional growth, so the Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will be frequently presented with growth opportunities. The dedicated Neurosurgical Physician Assistant being a confident team player is necessary within this role.

As the Neurosurgical Physician Assistant works at the top of the NP license, responsibilities will range from assessing patient, performing comprehensive physical examinations, conducting in depth medical history background, to clinical duties such as quality assurance. The Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will scrub in and perform various tasks to assist surgeons during operations. These tasks may include suturing, removing tissues, inserting tubes, starting intravenous solutions, and more. Outside the operating room, the knowledgable Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will also provide post-op care, ensure tests are ordered, and medications are prescribed. All of the essential job functions will be done under the direction of an assigned supervising Physician. 

The Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will live in a rural area with room to roam. Colorado experiences the beauty of all four seasons. A very warm Fourth of July and a cold snowy holiday season will put the Neurosurgical Physician Assistant in holiday spirits in this location as time changes. With low cost of living and housing costs the Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will have more flexible income to use for their hobbies and future life goals. As a part of a more rural community, the Neurosurgical Physician Assistant will be close to their community members, neighbors, and team mates and form a tight community.

Apply today and make a difference in this rural area as a Neurosurgical Physician Assistant!