Manager of Case Managers

An exciting opening available for a Manager of Case Managers at hospital in a city on the beautiful bay of Puget Sound. 

The Manager of Case Managers will be a part of a comprehensive acute care facility dedicated to excellence and health care reform. The providers and employees understand the importance and correlation of health and well-being and have a history of serving the community in the Puget Sound area. This nonprofit, healthcare pioneer actively involves the community and residents in their own care with engagement projects and education.

The Manager of Case Managers will supervise daily activities of the case management department as well as provide leadership with the interdisciplinary team to maintain and achieve desired clinical, financial, and resource outcomes.  The manager will be responsible for the coordination of care for all patients and promote effective use and monitoring of healthcare resources.

The Puget Sound Bay and surrounding area is a beautiful green suburban location. Home to cities like Tacoma and Seattle, the area offers diverse living environments including metropolitan cities and suburban single family homes. From bay ferries to Ferris wheels and fresh fish available year-round, there are plenty of reasons to live in this part of Washington state. The quality of life is incomparable to other parts of the nation with the plush views of nature and crisp dry air.

This position offers the Manager of Case Managers autonomy and the opportunity to have a hands-on experience making a difference in the unit, on the floor, and with the dedicated employees. Come be a part of the team!