Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist

An exciting new opportunity is now available for Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist at state of the art facility in the beautiful turquoise state of New Mexico.

This stunning critical access hospital prides itself for always striving to be innovative and compassionate to both patients and their families. This hospital has been embraced by its community and is eager to continue to provide their community with the best quality initiatives. His wonderful hospital strives to deliver the highest quality of professional and compassionate care for its patients.

The Clinical Pharmacist PharmD must be able to dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and other health practitioners and check for order accuracy on medicine type, dosage, and correct packaging, labels on all new and refill orders. The Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist is responsible for successfully educating patients on drug side-effects and correct dosage, including frequency of use, time of day, and any possible food or drug interactions. The Clinical Pharmacist PharmD will report to the Clinical Pharmacy Manager and Director.

This critical access hospital is located in beautiful town that’s only a drive from one the biggest cities in the state which is perfect for a for Clinical Pharmacist PharmD that appreciates both the city and the outdoors. This region features: endless outdoor activities, a diverse food selection, and some most beautiful and handmade jewelry.

Individuals who join the high performing network will have a glorious opportunity to do meaningful work in the lives of the patients and communities we serve. This remarkable opportunity is offering Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist competitive salary, plus fully loaded benefits and the opportunity to join a well-oiled machine of a team. What are you waiting for Apply Now!