Director of Nursing

A phenomenal opportunity to become the Director of Nursing has just opened at a Hospital in Central Oklahoma. 

This acute care, not-for-profit, award winning hospital is staffed with caring, highly-qualified physicians and nurses who provide much needed inpatient and outpatient services including Cardiology, Endoscopy, Outpatient Physical / Speech Therapy, Radiology, Respiratory, Urology Clinic, and Wound Care just to name a few. The Director of Nursing will take pride overseeing this stellar staff. 

Working in coordination with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) the Director of Nursing will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the hospital’s nursing department and its daily operations. As the primary spokesperson for nurses, the Director of Nursing will always work to align the nursing staff with the mission, values and vision of this fantastic hospital.

The Director of Nursing will be responsible for organizing, directing and coordinating medical and health services in compliance with all local, state, and federal government regulations, as well as with policies set by the board of trustees and other healthcare governing bodies. They will also continuously work to Improve the efficiency and quality of the healthcare services provided by the hospital, keeping the highest quality of patient care as the central goal. The Nursing Director will develop departmental goals and objectives, and monitor the departments to ensure that they are meeting or exceeding all goals that have been set forth. The Director of Nursing will act as a liaison between Physicians and nurses throughout the hospital. This support may include retrieving patient information, observing the patients based on the doctors' instructions and providing the right diagnostic tools to the doctors in order to adequately treat their patients. The Director will also be responsible for the fiscal / budgetary management of the hospital to ensure that all departments are using the most up to date equipment to provide the best patient care possible while remaining within a strict budget. 

Located in the beautiful lake district of the Arbuckle mountain range in Central Oklahoma this area will provide the Director of Nursing plenty of natural beauty to explore. All of this paired with a fantastic cost of living make this the perfect area to call home.

As a leader in the region, this hospital is prepared to offer the Director of Nursing a competitive salary and generous benefits package. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity, apply today!