Director Hospital Infection Prevention

There is a fantastic career opportunity available for a Director of Infection Control at an innovative, state-of-the-art hospital system in Northern New Jersey region.

The 200+ bed hospital offers comprehensive care to the local community and is known for their patient-centered philosophy. They offer a 24-hour ER, Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery, Wound Care, Psychiatric Crises Center and Cardiac Care. They have received the “Gold Seal” of approval from The Joint Commission and were recently voted one of New Jersey’s Best Hospitals. They are also backed by a larger, well-respected health system in the area.

The Director of Infection Control will work in conjunction, and report to, the VP of Quality Affairs and direct the Hospital-wide Infection Control Program to assess and minimize the risk of infection to both patients and visitors, but employees as well. In addition to programmatic direction and development, the Director of Infection Control will be a key leader hospital-wide.

The Nursing Director of Infection Prevention will work closely with local, state and federal organizations to report communicable diseases, maintain data as required by law, update hospital policy and procedure in accordance with new laws and minimize the spread of disease.

In this role, the Director of Infection Control will wear many hats, including statistician, educator, consultant, quality improvement supervisor and evaluator of practice. The Director of Infection Control will be able to make a great impact on this already great hospital. 

The Director of Infection Control will collaborate with many groups and leaders, including Senior Management, Department Directors, Board of Trustees, Information Technology Department, Physicians and staff. A candidate with an ability to successfully work with many different types of people to achieve goals and benchmarks organization-wide will be the ideal candidate.

The Infection Control Director position is located in Northern New Jersey in an area well known for their rich network of parks, scenic landscapes and so much to do. It is also a short commute from New York City and other larger cities. This area of New Jersey offers relief from urban sprawl and congestion. The high quality of life, low cost of living and a family-friendly atmosphere are just a few reasons this is a great place to be! 

This stable and growing hospital system is looking to add a highly motivated Director of Infection Control to its team.  This role will move quickly with interviews and will offer a generous compensation package and a full array of benefits.