COVID Laboratory Technologist

A quickly expanding COVID-19 testing organization is actively hiring across the US for a variety of Laboratory Technologists and laboratory leadership personnel! This organization is providing lucrative pay, benefits, job security, meaningful, and community altering work. 

The Laboratory Technologist will perform the pre-analytic workflow appropriate for the Diagnostic Molecular Biology laboratory, ensure orders are entered correctly, specimens collected are appropriate for the test ordered, and are correctly process/transported. The well-trained Laboratory Technologist will aliquot specimens and reagents according to established protocols. Protocols will be taught and rigorously followed by the Laboratory Technologist to ensure QC. The Laboratory Technologist will be educated on how to maintain and repair laboratory technology and equipment through this opportunity. Throughout this entire process, safety is a key responsibility for the Laboratory Technologist, and the Lab Technologist will help leadership create a culture of safety.

The CLS or MLT educated Laboratory Technologist will work near the best attractions California has to offer. During breaks, the Laboratory Technologist will have an endless option of restaurants to choose from, parks to enjoy the California sun in, and more. Living in this area, the Laboratory Technologist will be living in one of the most sought-after areas of the United States. With live music, professional sporting events, world-class hiking, the beautiful California coast, and beaches to visit with just a short drive, the Laboratory Technologist will live a life of adventure. 

Between the location, unique new opportunity, and lucrative pay, this position is rare to come by. In addition to these factors, the Laboratory Technologist will be surrounded by a community that wants to make a positive impact on the community around them. With collaboration, detailed training, and a fun atmosphere to work in, the Laboratory Technologist will feel a part of a community through this opportunity.

Apply today and learn more about this new opportunity and quickly growing company!