Multi-Site ASC Administrator

This exciting opportunity is available for an experienced ASC Administrator at this reputable and stable Multi-Site Surgery Center in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Join a resourceful organization, and lead a team of dedicated and experienced clinicians in a multi-specialty environment. 

Reporting to the Regional Executive Director of Operations, the Administrator will play a large and dynamic role in the operations of this ASC. Serving as the point of contact for the Ambulatory Surgery Center’s Business Office, you’ll oversee an experienced accounting and finance manager, a tenured materials / supply manager, central scheduling, Medical Records, and the Clinical Director of Nursing. You’ll play a very central part in both the internal performance and external growth functions of the center.

Internally, the Multi-Site ASC Administrator will take line item responsibility for natural processes like cost containment, vendor supply negotiation, collections, and transaction processing. Working closely with the Director of Nursing (DON), you’ll also support the maintenance of clinical logs, AAAHC accreditation projects, and compliance with other regulatory agencies. From a business operations standpoint, you’ll control quality improvement processes, and you’ll enjoy the many opportunities to grow your skills and knowledge in this regard.

In addition to the internal controlling functions, the ASC Administrator will also play a large role in external operations. As an expert in the regional market, you’ll have the opportunity to develop new partnerships and form initiatives to drive traffic. The two sides of this traffic coin are patient volumes and physician partnerships.

  • Patient Volumes: As with many industries, GI and Endoscopy Patient volume is an important aspect of success in an ambulatory surgery setting. Working with local hospitals, family and specialty practices, and health clinics, the Administrator will play an active role in marketing the aspects of this surgery center.
  • Just as important as marketing the quality services offered, will be attracting and retaining physicians to perform new procedures. This 7 Operating Room Facility, which currently averages over 650 cases monthly, would love to expand and offer more services such as Specialties that include Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Plastics, ENT, and Podiatry to name a few. Already operating on a 23-hour stay basis for some specialties, this center has the resources needed to make it happen. 

A place where wonder abounds around each corner, the Las Vegas Area is well known the things it offers people who prefer the city life and country life alike. If the Multi-Site ASC Administrator prefers the sounds and sights of busy tourist areas, you’ll never find anywhere like Las Vegas. Offering world renowned entertainment, famous cuisine, and an arts scene like nowhere else, the City of Lights hasn’t lost any of its sparkle. If you’re the type who needs room to breathe, vast desert expanses, the Grand Canyon, and one of America’s most beautiful sunsets await you just outside of town. 

The GI Center Administrator will enjoy all of the amenities of an Ambulatory Surgery Center, like nights and weekends off and no ‘on-call’.  With those hours, you’ll have time to appreciate the benefits package and competitive compensation.