Clinic Pulmonary Nurse Practitioner NP

Coastal Hospital along the CA highway is hiring a Clinic Pulmonary Nurse Practitioner NP to its advanced Pulmonary team. 

This hospital offers today’s most effective treatments in lung conditions and diagnosis including fluoroscopic bronchoscopy, airway stenting, brachytherapy, and photodynamic therapy. Providers specialize in treatment of asthma, COPD, emphysema, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, and occupational lung disease.

The Clinic Pulmonary Nurse Practitioner NP reports to the Medical Director as well as the Ambulatory Administrative Manager. This autonomous professional will supervise healthcare professionals and support staff while developing meaningful relationships with patients. During the course of treatments, the Clinic Pulmonary Nurse Practitioner NP will assess patients and make health recommendations accordingly.

The inpatient acute care facility offers a comprehensive list of services including 24 hour ED, ICU, Diagnostic Imaging, and Surgical Center. This facility is part of a larger healthcare system with hospitals all over California. The hospital has grown with the residents of the community and continues develop with the current technology. 

Northern California offers beautiful scenery with diverse activities.  The facility is located on the mesmerizing coastline with a moderate climate in a peaceful, affordable town. Northern California offers an amazing lifestyle for the outdoor enthusiast with hiking, camping, fishing and surfing at the professionals’ fingertips. 

With the perfect scenic location, alongside competitive benefits with 2 retirement plans, extra PTO, and room for career growth, this opportunity is a one of a kind that is too good to be passed by.