Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner

A top-rated community health center on the Oregon coast is actively interviewing experienced Family Nurse Practitioners to join their growing team of dedicated nurses, providers, and staff.

This clinic provides for a large area of the Oregon coast. Many within this population are under served, so the Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner will be doing a philanthropic service and making a difference within this rare position. This clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, giving the Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner a great work-life balance. 

As a part of this clinic the Nurse Practitioner will have philanthropic-mindset and desire to improve the community. The Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner will provide clinical services with direction from physicians. This clinic encourages collaboration, asking questions, and growth, so the Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner will be presented with numerous growth opportunities. The Family Nurse Nurse Practitioner will provide care and do so by adhering to all clinic policies and state/ federal laws.  Professionalism and kindness are to be emphasized as the Nurse Practitioner provides for patients. The Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner will be working independently as well as a part of a team. The Nurse Practitioner being a team player is necessary within this role.

The Family Nurse Practitioner will live in a rural area with room to roam. Coastal Oregon experiences unique weather with warm summers and cool winters. Fishing and fresh seafood are two aspects this community are known for. With low cost of living and housing costs the Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner will have more flexible income to use for their hobbies and future life goals. As a part of a more rural community, the Nurse Practitioner will feel close to their community members, neighbors, and team mates.

Apply today and make a difference on the Oregon coast as a Clinic Family Nurse Practitioner!