Chief Nursing Officer

A passionate medical center in a sought after area of Montana is eagerly searching for a Chief Nursing Officer that is equally as passionate about rural healthcare!

The well-educated and passionate rural healthcare Chief Nursing Officer will be a part of a centralized location in Montana, enjoying the benefits of some of the largest cities in the state with just a short drive. With a low cost of living, state of the art and welcoming public schools, modern amenities, and an abundance of fresh Montana air, this is a well sought after area of Montana. Biking, hunting, visiting monuments such as Yellowstone, Glacier National Parks, and more, are some of the common tourist attractions in this area. The Chief Nursing Officer will also have the opportunity to enjoy these local and rare Montana activities. The medical center is eagerly searching for a Chief Nursing Officer that is not only excited by the bountiful opportunities and beauty in this area, but is accustom to rural healthcare, serving a rural community, and a diverse population. 

The 25 bed critical access medical center cares for the local population with miners, ranchers, and tourists. The Chief Nursing Officer that is familiar with these populations will incorporate cultural diversity and age appropriate care into all aspects of communication and patient care. The detail-oriented Chief Nursing Officer will interpret policies and procedures, budget, ensure fiscal control, adhere to HR policies, and more through this opportunity. The Chief Nursing Officer will ensure all nursing care in this 25 bed medical facility is being conducted in a compliant, and risk-mitigating manner. Collaboration is a key skill for the Chief Nursing Officer to have as collaborating with physician leadership and other medical staff, administration, and other health care providers is a common component of this position. Collaborating to develop and implement short- and long-range plans, leading, developing and revising those programs to enhance department service are Chief Nursing Officer responsibilities. 

The Chief Nursing Officer will report to the CEO of this medical center and be provided with general guidance. However, subject-matter expertise, experience in rural healthcare administration, and a strong passion for it, are essential for the Chief Nursing Officer to have.

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