Cardiology Nurse Manager

One of Northern California’s largest health networks has an exciting opening for a Cardiology Nurse Manager! 

This 300-bed medical center has been recognized for their exceptional healthcare and awarded this particular healthcare facility the Five Star Quality award. The Cardiology Nurse Manager will be a part of a medical facility that hires the most talented providers and nurses. The Cardiology Nurse Manager will be mentored and supported by these talented team members, allowing for new growth opportunities.

The Cardiology Nurse Manager will have a unique position and be responsible for the daily operations of the non-invasive cardiology department which provides EKG exams and cardiac sonography studies for both inpatient and outpatient services. The daily operations that the organized Cardiology Nurse Manager will be oversee includes workflow coordination, staffing, scheduling, participating in evaluations, hiring, serving as department liaison to other areas in the facility, and promoting positive communication within the department. The Cardiology Nurse Manager will report directly to the Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology and collaborate with the Regional Cardiovascular Executive. This position provides the Cardiology Nurse Manager with growth opportunities and areas for collaboration with administrative personnel. 

The Cardiology Nurse Manager will collaborate with staff members in the Cath Lab, the Cardiovascular Operating Room, Invasive Cardiology, and PACU to ensure quality of care across the continuum. Positive and clear communication is a skill that is necessary for the Cardiac Nurse Manager to have. The Cardiology Nurse Manager will ensure patients are aware and given access to the rehabilitation resources available post-op and after discharge.

This position is located in a family-friendly city north of San Francisco. Traveling into the bay area for entertainment is a quick drive and cost of living is more affordable than living in the bay. The Cardiology Nurse Manager’s income will stretch further in this location and the location is surrounded by excellent public schools. The Cardiology Nurse Manager and their family will live in a beautiful area, near a major airport, with an affordable cost of living, and amenities. 

Apply today and become a part of one of Northern California’s largest healthcare systems.