Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager

A unique career growth opportunity has presented itself in the greater Seattle area to become this hospital’s Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager. This opportunity to work at the leadership level of Nursing and mentor the team of Nurse Leaders at this facility is an exciting chance to take the next step in your career. A large part of this role is providing mentorship and working alongside Critical Care's other Nurse Managers. We are looking for an experienced leader to help shape the future of this unit. 

This 450 bed hospital is a leader in research in the Pacific Northwest and provides superior patient care and leads advances in new medical discoveries and treatments. For the 27th year in a row, this hospital has been ranked among the top hospital’s by the U.S. News and World Report making the opportunity to work as the Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager a phenomenal one. 

The Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager will report up to the Nurse Director of Critical Care and work alongside one other Nurse Manager and a large team of passionate and certified Registered Nurses. This role will spearhead the oversight of the unit's staffing, budgeting, and manager the patient care services for this Cardiovascular Critical Care Unit. This facility is open to Nurse Managers with a background in ICU, Neuro ICU, PICU or other tenured Critical Care Experience and a great understanding of cardiovascular healthcare. 

The Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager will be passionate about supporting a diverse workforce and patient populations and engage in equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. This Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager will ensure their team has the skills, knowledge and ability to achieve clinical excellence and outcomes as well as implement the training of new nurses.

Working in the Pacific Northwest provides the Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager a wealth of opportunity to connect with nature and be a part of a relaxing and expanding community. The greater Seattle region is filled with hiking trails, water sports, and winning athletic teams. With multiple exceptional schools in the area, there is always an opportunity for advanced education in this area. With the ocean and great Restaurants all just a drive away, this position and area will provide the work life balance you’ve always desired.

The Cardiac ICU Nurse Manager will be provided highly competitive compensation and a wide range of benefits including fully covered health benefits, wellness program access, and bonus eligibility. Some other perks include transportation and home ownership benefits. Apply now to join this world renowned organization!