Ambulatory Surgery Center PACU Nurse Manager RN

An Ambulatory Surgery Center in Southern California is seeking a dedicated nurse leader to join their Surgery Center team as an Preop/ PACU Nurse Manager RN.   

The Preop/ PACU Nurse Manager RN will be responsible for overseeing operations within the paranesthesia department of the surgery center. The RN Manager will work collectively with Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare Executives alike to ensure the facility runs according to policies and procedures. The PACU Nurse Manager will supervise Preop/ PACU nurses within the unit and assist the Administrator in maintaining regulatory compliance. 

This Ambulatory Surgery Center is a member of a large surgical group which values quality and aims to provide the best possible care to the patients they serve. Together, they are committed to using the latest advanced technology and evidence based medicine to provide top of the line services. 

This multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center houses 5 Operating Rooms and performs a variety of different surgical procedures including but not limited to: 

  • Orthopedics / Sports Medicine
  • Pain Management 
  • General
  • GI / Endoscopy 

The Ambulatory Surgery Center is located in a highly desirable region of Southern California. The Preop/PACU Nurse Manager RN will enjoy living just a short distance away from the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. This location offers a wide variety of amenities and activities to choose from including the beach, wine country and more!!

This compassionate workplace is looking for a dedicated team-player to join them as Ambulatory Surgery Center PACU Nurse Manager RN. A competitive salary in addition to a suite of benefits will be offered to compliment this amazing leadership opportunity.