The toughest Nursing Interview Questions and Answers that will blow the Interviewer away!

When interviewing for a nursing position you want the interviewer to be blown away by your passion for your nursing career. Tackling these three interview questions will help your passion shine through and you will conquer the interview!

What are necessary qualities for a successful nurse?

What the Interviewer wants to know: Qualities you feel are most important in nursing and whether you have those qualities.

When answering this question think about qualities that successful nurses around you possess and prove that you have those qualities. Use examples and incorporate examples of how you possess these qualities in your nursing work experience.

Example: “Through my nursing career I have seen that excellent communication is most important especially when dealing with patients and staff members. Another important quality is having the ability to deal with stressful and traumatic situations. The attention to detail is extremely important when working in such a delicate environment. You need to know how to take a deep breath and focus because one mistake could determine life or death for the patient.”

Why do you want to work for us?

What the Interviewer wants to know: How you can be an asset and contribute to their mission and organization.

How to conquer: Do your research! Be knowledgeable about the hospital’s mission and how you can contribute to promoting it. The interviewer needs to feel the passion you have for wanting to be apart of their organization. Prove that you can be an asset by emphasizing your strengths and showing how they are admirable contributions for benefiting the organization. Incorporate your career goals to the interviewer and how they can be accomplished through their mission and organization.

Example: “Saint John’s Medical Center has a mission of improving the health of the people in their community through personalized and compassionate quality care. As a Critical Care Nurse it is important for me to provide kindhearted care and support to patients and their families through their heartbreaking experience. I am impressed with the level of compassionate care provided at Saint John’s and wish to accept a leadership position in the future where I can use my experience to mentor others.”

Do you like working in a team?

What the Interviewer wants to know: Your abilities to work with others and how well you perform in a team environment.

Nursing is about teamwork and you need to be prepared to prove you are a team player. The interviewer wants to know that you are a team player and are ready to step in wherever it is necessary. Before the interview prepare examples of a situations where you went above and beyond for the benefit of your team. Talk above the strength of the team about the individual. This question is often used to lead in to questions around how you handle conflict within a team, so be prepared for teamwork behavioral questions.

Example: “Yes I do. Nursing requires a team effort and I do my best to make a significant contribution to my team. An example of this is just last week I stayed past my regular shift to assist the nursing team that was understaffed for their shift.”