Nursing Hall of Fame Inducts Nurse Researcher

Christine E. Kasper, PhD, RN, FAAN is being inducted into the Nursing Hall of Fame for her work in studying traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in U.S. troops. Kasper is a nurse researcher for the Department of Veterans Affairs and is one of the 19 researchers across the world to be inducted into the Nursing Hall of Fame this coming July.   The ceremony will be held at the 26th International Nursing Research Congress in Puerto Rico.  

Brain injury has become the leading form of injury in U.S. troops, according to the VA. TBI can have extreme, long-lasting effects on behavior which makes research that much more important. Some of these debilitating effects include everything from temporary dysfunction of brain cells to more serious conditions like bleeding and death.

In her studies, Kasper observed conditions such as inflammation, behavioral changes, and memory impairment in the troops, along with studying the effects that a certain drug (“Minocycline”) can have in reducing symptoms of brain injury. The results showed that the drug had a positive correlation in reducing behavioral affects of TBI.

Traumatic brain injuries have skyrocketed among troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, causing TBI to jump to the number-one spot for the most common injuries among troops. Dealing with the affects of TBI can be extremely complex, making it difficult for civilian and military healthcare organizations. However, Kasper’s research will prove to have a significant impact in helping both healthcare systems and veterans cope with the devastating effects of traumatic brain injury.