Maryland Lawmakers Rally Around Nurse Practitioners

The State of Maryland has now adopted a new full-practice authority law that allows patients in all areas of the state to directly receive the full scope of services that nurse practitioner(s) are educated and clinically trained to deliver.  The law expands patient access to high-quality health care and encourages a larger distribution of the Maryland’s health care workforce.  

Governor Hogan signed the bill (HB 999/SB 723) into law May 12th, making Maryland the 21st full-practice authority state, and the 7th state to right-size regulations affecting  nurse practitioner patients in the last four years.  The new law allows nurse practitioners to prescribe certain drugs without having an “attestation agreement” with physicians.  Being free of collaborative agreements, a nurse practitioner would be able to open up his or her own clinic.  

The new law will not only improve the access of care and provider choice among patients but it will improve the state’s ability to recruit nurse practitioners.  Research shows that Nurse Practitioners are more likely to move and work in states where they can care for patients with full-practice authority.  

AANP Research has also shown that Nurse Practitioners with full-practice authority have outcomes equal to physicians and offer patients a holistic approach focused on health promotion and disease prevention.  Maryland is a smart choice for nurse practitioners looking for independence in their careers!