Clinical Nurse Specialist Recruitment

Clinical Nurse Specialist Recruitment Overview

Recruiting experienced Clinical Nurse Specialists is a specialized service offered by CMC. With more and more hospitals moving to evidence based practice standards, demand for Clinical Nurse Specialists is rapidly on the rise. With CNS demand high and supply low, utilizing an experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist recruiting firm is an easy and smart decision.

Hospital Partnership

CMC partners with hospital clients to find the ideal Clinical Nurse Specialist. Our wealth of advanced practice recruitment experience, vast network and proprietary recruitment methodologies has delivered exceptional CNS talent to hundreds of America's leading hospitals.

Advanced Practice Recruitment Specialty

Clinical Management Consultants is heavily involved in recruiting advanced practice clinicians. Approximately 1/5th of our recruiting engagements involve an Advanced Practice role. We procure thousands of introductions for these highly specialized nurses.

Typical Clinical Nurse Specialist Roles

  • Critical Care CNS
  • NICU Neontal CNS
  • PICU Pediatric CNS
  • Oncology CNS
  • Geriatric CNS
  • Cardiovascular CNS
  • Perioperative CNS
  • Emergency Room CNS
  • Orthopedic / Rehabilitation CNS